Getting Started

1.Choose a topic for your page

  • You can also choose a subcategory to make make your page topic more specific.


2. Choose a layout style that best suits the purpose of your page


3. Choose a theme for your page

  • This can be changed later on (see the tutorial page – ‘Changing Your Theme’)


4. Choose a domain name for your page

5 tips for choosing your domain name

  1. Professional – your domain name will be the first thing people see when they access your site. It should give out the right impression.
  2. Spelling – make sure your domain name is correctly spelled. Not only does bad spelling look unprofessional, it will also make it difficult for your page to be found via search engines.
  3. Length – keep it short, easy to type and easy to remember.
  4. Keywords – help people find your page and know what it’s all about.
  5. Avoid – numbers to prevent visitors mistyping them (i.e. thirteen or 13) and special characters such as hyphens that can be misplaced or forgotten.


5. Pick a plan

  • The WordPress free plan is suitable for most basic users to get started.
  • You can pay for subscriptions to different plans access things like custom domain names and extra storage space.
  • You can upgrade your plan at any stage.


6. Create an account

And you’re all done!




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